8 класс

Примерные темы проектов для 8 класса
по УМК "New Millennium English"
1. Class blog "A teenager's world"
Follow the steps:
Prepare materials for your blog.
Look through the materials you have prepared for this project.
Choose the most interesting in your opinion.
Draw a scheme for your blog.
Think about the titles for the different pages or areas.
Prepare a five-minute presentation for your blog.
In your presentation: 
Think of reasons why your blog might be interesting to other teenagers.
Describe what is meant by each title or area.
Explain why you have chosen this material.
Give examples of some materials you would like to have on the page.
Highlight the most interesting part of your blog.
Useful information:
    2. The power of advertising
    Answer the questions:
    What is advertising?
    What is it used for?
    What is the purpose of advertising?
    How to make a good advertisement? Give examples of English and Russian adverts.   
    Compare TV adverts with other programmes. Do they
    give a piece of advice?
    mention the music?
    draw our attention to humour?
    mention people's intelligence?
    make you well informed?
    encourage people to do something? 
    Make your own advertisment:
    Презентация в Microsoft Power Point
    Буклет, листовка, брошюра, календарь в Microsoft Office Publisher
    Видеоролик в Windows Movie Maker
    In your adverts:
    Use language of Unit 2.
    Use the infinitive, in order to and so as to to talk about a purpose.
    Use a question tag to confirm something or to find out if something is true or not. 
    Useful information:
    Оригинальные заготовки (для работы на сайте нужно зарегистрироваться).
    Данный инструмент позволяет объединить тексты, символы, фотографии (тоже требуется регистрация).

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